Friday, December 30, 2011

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Falling in Love with English Boys

I am so proud of myself(:
Last night I stayed up until the wee hours of the night finishing the first book I will blog about, Falling in Love with English Boys, a young adult novel written by Melissa Jensen. To save my fingers, I shall refer to it as Filweb.

In Filweb, you are basically reading journals written by two girls. The first is a blogger named Cat, who was dragged out to England for the summer, and originally wanted to keep in touch with her friends via blog and rant a lot about how being in England really sucks. I hated this period in the book, because, frankly, I would be  extremely  excited to spend a summer in England. She quickly gets over this when she meets a girl named Elizabeth [[And her pretty cool friends]] and a boy named William. Ahh...William. I could read about his British Accent all day, if it wasn't for my sister and her dang CSI marathon in the background [[No joke. I can here the creepy music.]].  Back on topic, she goes through some ups and downs in the relationship with William [[Literally, she has fallen down in front of him, and gone in high places with him]] and Elizabeth has always been a true friend for her. Cat lived a pretty good few months in England, and taught me a lot. For example, chocolate there sounds amazinggg. And, if I ever go there, I know what magazines to pick up and what size clothes to wear. Those are just the tiny details, to get the juicy parts, you gotta read...

The other half of the book is written from the perspective of a 19th century diary-keeper named Katherine Pericival. It's a special time in her life because her dad is requesting that she gets married. So, the whole novel follows her adventures in the world of love. Let me just tell you, she wrote about Orlando Bloom in Cat's story, but there were some pretty hott dudes back them. Especially poets. Now, you readers [[Or reader. Or no one...]] will learn very quickly that it's a dream of mine to marry a poet who writes in Starbucks, so this aspect was very appealing. I have to admit though, my feelings for people on her side of the story changed throughout the course of the book. I won't say who I fell for, just that he was a family friend. That really narrows it down...

One thing I wasn't to fond of was the perspective changes. At some points, I just wanted to read the blog, and at others, I just wanted to read the diary. But, I quickly got over that.

Overall, I give it 4 Lillie-A-Sauruses out of 5.

All the books I'm loving...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hello World(:

How's Life? Tell me, how's your family? Wait...don't. That would be creepy. Anyways...I started this blog to tell my follwers [[If I get any...]] about the books I read. Since my family is starting to get annoyed this me, I chose this route. Anyways, I might as well tell you about my taste.
So...he we go(:

 Young adult books.
                          ^^ Glad we got that straightened out....
I am a YA reader...pretty much all I read. As for genres, I read all kinds(: